The First Post

During my first run from the new house, I caved in. I’d been dithering over a blog for a few weeks, thinking that it might be a nice way to chronicle our new adventures in a new house out in the boonies. I’ll use later posts to describe our initial adventures on Blueberry Hill, but for now, here’s something for today:

We have large, overgrown apple trees. When I started my run around midday, I could smell the young apples that had fallen (which the deer seem to enjoy) as I jogged down our (steep!) driveway. The entire place smells a little bit sweeter than city air, but you can pick up on other scents very easily. Further down the ridge, I caught a whiff our neighbors’ pine trees, which smelled more like rosemary than pine. By the time I got to the main road and back, I’d met a new neighbor and startled a doe with her fawn. I should also add that when I say “run” I mean the first run since we moved, which may have involved more walking (particularly back uphill) than running. But I’m ok with that. We’ve been out working outside a lot since the move, so I thought I was used to the heat. Maybe not quite yet…

By the way, “we” includes Future Husband (FH) and myself. FH is far more skilled at this whole working-outside-and-running-a-farm business than me and is my mentor in all things farm-related, to include the proper wearing of Carhartts, how to use a chainsaw, and deer. Especially the process by which deer becomes a tasty steak to cook for dinner. Right now, my talents are more culinary-oriented, but I’m an eager student.

I hope you like the site and I welcome your comments. I hope that eventually, this becomes more than a rambling journal to be somewhat instructive, a little humorous, and an opportunity to share ideas, advice, and most importantly, recipes for fried green tomatoes.


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