The First 24 Hours

I think I’ll continue on our first themes this week. Here’s our first 24 hours:

[Short interruption: I will get picture up here soon. Promise.]

We arrived at the closing on our house with our U-Haul. Well, truth be told, we left it on Blueberry Hill after our final walk-through and then went to the closing. Yes, we were eager to move in, but we also had to move out of our city house the day before, so we were definitely ready. We arrived at closing a little sweaty, but got through our paperwork and were officially declared homeowners! (I thought I would find closing stressful, but it was pretty easy. The real stress involved keeping a deep freeze full of venison and a wedding’s worth of homebrew cold/at room temperature. Which we did by unloading them into the basement. Before our closing. Hence the sweat.)

We continued our progress after lunch with a swift unloading of the remainder of the U-Haul. As a treat, we drove into Leesburg for dinner and grocery shopping (why yes, I do consider grocery shopping a treat*). On our way, we drove through the worst storm I’ve ever seen in Virginia.** Future Husband (FH) thought a tornado might have touched down, but it was just a really bad thunderstorm. Heh. “Just.” By the time we finished shopping and drove home, the storm was gone and the sun was down. But there were a few surprises awaiting us.

Coming up the driveway, we stopped to clear limbs and brush from the road three times. When we got up to the house, the power was out, but the house was fine. Have I mentioned yet that we moved in the middle of July? So we had a warm, sticky night to try to sleep through before we could assess the damage in the morning. Oh and all those groceries? We packed everything into the still cold fridge and freezer and mentally padlocked the doors, hoping the power would return soonish.

FH was up at dawn to survey the damage. He had the tree limbs from the road cut up by the time I was out of bed and wishing we had power so I could have coffee. He’s good like that. In the light of day, our new property had clearly been walloped. Branches and brush were scattered everywhere. A large limb had impaled itself on one of the outbuildings at a rakish angle. We walked around a little and quickly realized that any plans we may have had for the house were being put on hold until we cleaned up from the storm. All told, we had at least half a dozen trees down and they were all considerate enough not to be near the house.

I should also add that we were thrilled to run into a couple of guys from Dominion Power around 9am who were surveying the power lines between us and our neighbors. Everywhere we went that day we saw Dominion trucks working on lines; our electricity and the wonder of AC was restored that afternoon. Thank you Dominion!

So our second day ended on a slightly better note. I got the kitchen unpacked and cooked our first meal, which included fried green tomatoes from the garden. We cleared a lot of brush that day and it took about 3 weeks before we were ready to get back to regularly scheduled home/yard improvements. But we did it. I definitely wondered what we’d gotten ourselves into that morning.

Coming soon: First Lawn Tractor

*When you go to Wegmans, which is second in the grocery store hierarchy only to Central Market. I wish I they were paying me to say that.

**We were in DC for Snowmageddon. I’ve also been through a hurricane in Alabama that cut power for 4 days.


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