Elvis Muffins

I created something new and wonderful today.

I love to bake and I love to bake banana butterscotch muffins from a Nigella Lawson recipe I have. It’s super easy and makes great banana muffins that can take just about any type of chip, from the butterscotch in the title to chocolate, to my latest discovery: chocolate peanut butter. I was at the grocery store and knew I had some rapidly browning bananas, so I headed for the baking aisle to grab butterscotch chips. But next to the butterscotch chips were peanut butter and chocolate chips! I had never seen these!

So this morning, I made what I am now calling Elvis muffins. I suppose they would have to be deep-fried or something to really satisfy the King, but I like them fine just the way they are. Which is delicious.

Completely unrelated: Our power is out again. This is the third time since we moved and the second time due to a thunderstorm. I find this irksome for all the usual reasons, but what’s really bugging me about it tonight is the following dialogue we had a couple of months ago with the sellers, who’d lived here for over 30 years:

Us: We noticed that you have a couple of generators. Does the power go out often?

Them: No, never! We’ve only had to use those once and the power has only gone out on us about 3-4 times since we moved here. We use to generators for [something that isn’t powering the house that I can’t remember.]

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m having an Elvis muffin.


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