Ok, busy week and slow blogging. I wanted to drop in a short post though on a small but scary little adventure I had last Friday.

Future Husband (FH) was in Tucson for work. Hurricane Irene was about to hit the DC metro area, which we live on the edge of. And we had a leaky skylight. So FH asked me to climb up on the roof to caulk some silicone around the skylight and remedy its leaky ways.

Now that sounds like a simple request, yes? But we have two very important rules here on Blueberry Hill:

  1. No working on the roof if no one else is home to drive you to the hospital;
  2. No chainsaw if no one else is home to drive you to the hospital.
So I wasn’t wild about getting up on the roof while FH was in Tucson. But needs must, so I put on my extra sticky hiking boots, grabbed the caulk gun, and called FH to tell him I was headed up and would call again as soon as I got back down. Thus ensued the most terrifying 20 minutes I’ve spent on the farm so far.
I’m not afraid of heights, but the section of roof with the skylight is quite steep. It’s not a long drop to the ground either, but I was just not happy to be on the roof, contemplating how much a one-story fall might hurt. So I guess I’m afraid of falling? To caulk, I was doing my best monkey impression of grasping the ridge of the roof while stretching my other arm and the caulk as far around the skylight as possible. And you know what? It worked. But I do not want to do that again.

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