Sorry, sorry…

Yes, it’s been awhile. Not that I think I’m keeping anyone from anything (the internet won’t surf itself people!), but life has kinda gotten in the way for oh, 2 months. And by life I mean the following:

  1. Two dear friends of ours, the soon-to-be-Deers are now Mr. and Mrs. Deer. I officiated their wedding (which was awesome as both a personal experience and as a wedding);
  2. Lots of stuff was going on at work (agreed, lame excuse);
  3. Lots of stuff was going on at our house in the form of cleaning, sorting, ironing 100+ napkins and well over a dozen tablecloths, cleaning jars, cutting wood, painting signs, getting alterations, ordering all kinds of stuff, and polishing silver, because…

Ok, so that was 6 weeks ago and I still haven’t been writing. No, Himself and I haven’t been on an extended honeymoon. I’ve really just been lazy. But not completely worthless.* I’ve had several imaginary conversations with the blog, in that one-sided, public journal, not really a conversation at all sort of way. So I have some ideas for upcoming posts that will emerge in the coming months.

But in the meantime. Can I just say. I loooovvvvvvvvveeed our wedding. It was so much fun. I’m not sure if it looked like fun at every minute to those observing Himself and I running around, but trust me, we were having a blast. From building a platform to finishing a cake, to assembling flowers, it was a lot of fun. Why? Because we had so many dear friends and family members helping us along the way. It was overwhelming to feel this love and support. My only regret from our reception is that we didn’t actually say all of this when we had the microphone. So, with apologies for the delay, and in a semi-random order, special thanks to the following:

  • The Deers: You showed up a day early to swing hammers, slice veggies and do a truly incredible whale impersonation. We could not have done this without you. And since you introduced us, we literally could not have done this without you.
  • My dad and stepmother: Not only did you brave rush-hour within the DC metro area to retrieve my brother from Annapolis, you jumped in to this shindig with both feet, ready to mingle, support, and advise.
  • Ms. Dare: You are a fabulous party planner, sounding board, fearless dress hunter, and brilliant friend. Top marks on your reading, too.
  • Mom and Bill: Even though I refused to offer advice on what the mother of the groom should wear (or anyone else for that matter**), you looked wonderful and you both helped make our day perfect with your expert sign painting, heavy lifting, and warm welcome.
  • The Boo and Mr. Boo (can I say that?): You were a beautiful Maid of Honor and I can’t imagine a better sister. You both pitched in, despite the cold, and kept a smile on my face.
  • Magdalena and Lacybird: M., you married us and you did it perfectly. You wove our oddball poems, heartfelt vows, and love into a ceremony we cherished. Lacybird, you can work a fur caplet.
  • Fosterfamily: You were in the midst of planning your cross-country move, but gave us a weekend of your time as well as some beautiful pictures.
  • ABE: Your artwork set the tone! Grumpasaurus was perfectly grumpy and the constellation lovers still move me. Your toast took my breath away and not just because I was tearing up again.
  • Mum: I have so many things to thank you for, the least of which is polishing most of the silver and doing most of the ironing. Thank you finding so many things from Grandpa and Grandma that made our day wonderful. You were beautiful.
  • And finally, my new husband, Himself: Thank you wanting the exact same thing as me, in a day, in a party, in a home, and in a lifetime. I love you.

Okay. I’m going to start crying. Seriously, I’m one of those people who never cries. I think this really bites me in the ass at big events because it’s inevitably been awhile since I’ve had a good cry, but I don’t want to be crying at that time, then, oh, here we go. Waterworks. Thank you, universe, for waterproof mascara.

Along those lines, here’s one of my favorite memories from the day: I was already starting to lose it as my dad began walking me down the aisle. So my dad starts talking under his breath. “You really want something to cry about? Navy lost to Air Force in overtime…” The entire walk down the aisle, he’s giving me the play by play. I am not a football person, but I can tell you, he snapped me out of tears right some quick. That lasted roughly until I was standing next to Himself on the platform.

I’m sure I’ll work in more wedding stories over the next few months, but this is a sample. I figure I can talk/blog about it as much as I want so long as we’re still measuring our marriage in weeks.

*As my mother says, “No one is completely worthless if they can be used as a bad example.”

**Okay, Okay. I requested no jeans.


One thought on “Sorry, sorry…

  1. Oh Bunsie! What a lovely post! Your wedding was absolutely fabulous, which I’m pretty sure I can now say with some authority, having had one myself (which included a most excellent officiant/johnny-on-the-spot-for-everything the Panda and I needed all weekend, might I add). My only regret from your wedding is that we had to go home. We love y’all so much – and can’t wait to see y’all again.

    Speaking of seeing you again – thanks for having us out; it was a truly lovely weekend, and nice to take the time to spend time with y’all. We’re always happy to come out y’all’s way, but in case you’re interested in coming in to the ‘burbs, we’ve had our eyes on a couple of recipes involving meat braised in milk that seem worth sharing if they’re worth making.

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