Check out this sweet gal:

We kind of accidentally became dog owners this afternoon. We’ve wanted a dog for almost as long as we’ve been dating and definitely as long as we’ve been married, but always planned to wait until we moved out of the city (check) and it was spring (not check). Since we wanted a pup next spring, we thought it would be good to meet a breeder* near us to find out when he might have a litter, maybe get on a waiting list, etc.

So he has a litter now. We went to Braveheart Kennels in Point of Rocks, MD. (Our wonderful dear friends from Love and Six-Foot Leash recommended this breeder.)  Dan and his wife specialize in Vizlas, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP). After doing our homework, we realized we wanted a GSP. They’re sociable energetic gun dogs who tend to be less high-strung than Vizlas. We will train our pup to hunt and a GSP can bird in the field as well as retrieve in water.

So we got over to Braveheart and see these beautiful puppies. We walked around for a while with the pretty lady we eventually took home, telling ourselves the whole time, “we need to wait until spring.” Clearly, you can see how well that little pep talk worked. This gal had a lot going for her and all signs apart from the season pointed to yes, so we decided to nab her.

Now we just need a good name. Current contenders include Isla, Murron, Banjo, and Lima Bean (her litter name was Lime Green). Thoughts? Suggestions?

*We knew from the beginning our first dog would probably come from a breeder. We want to do breed-specific things that mean a rescue would not have been the best fit. But. Part of the Master Plan includes a second dog. You can sure bet that I’ve already been lobbying for a rescue. For about a year.


2 thoughts on “Puppy!

  1. She’s adorable! I’m can’t wait to meet her!

    If y’all want to crate train her, let us know; you’re more than welcome to our old crate that Keebler no longer uses.

    Banjo and Lima Bean are both awesome, though I lean towards Banjo because a) it’s awesomer, and b) it’s a nice, two-syllable name that ends in a vowel and seems more easily shoutable when you need to call her in.

    All that said, given my penchant for naming animals after characters in southern lit, I also think both Dewey Dell (As I Lay Dying) and Dilsey (The Sound and the Fury) would be pretty fantastic names, but then that may be more of my penchant for Faulkner than you care to be reminded of on a daily basis…

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