Meet Margot!

She’s definitely joined the family if Grumpasaurus is hanging out with her:

Where am I?

She had quite a day today. I went to work and Himself stayed home, per his usual Monday routine. This morning he and Margot were playing outside. We’re getting her acclimated to various sounds around the house and Himself started to turn on the tractor, so she isn’t afraid of the noise. Well, she really didn’t like this one. She took off up the ridge behind our house like she was headed for the moon (or so I hear). And I when I say took off, I mean she was gone, hundreds of yards in front of Himself.

I was stuck in the city and my poor, wonderful husband exhausted himself spending 7 hours looking for her. We were both stressed, thinking we’d lost our first puppy in less than 36 hours, we’re the worst dog owners in the world, etc. We were trading nervous text messages, calling neighbors, the animal shelter, and it was awful.

I got home and I was in a state worrying about our gorgeous girl. I headed outside just to walk around our property and see if she was around. I was about halfway down the hill and heard rustling behind me. I looked back and saw a little white shape following behind. I turned and started to walk uphill, but Margot ran off uphill squealing. I made my way back up the hill, still calling and clapping, but not leaving the road. I got near the carport where I was visible in the light, squatted down and started calling Margot again. After a couple of minutes she snuck around the shed by our garden, trotted over, paused, then ran and jumped in my arms. Her quivering, squirmy little body was the best thing I’d felt all day.

My theory is, while Himself was making his way up and down the ridge, Margot made her way back down the hill, using his voice and scent to orient herself. We have no idea how long she may have been hiding out near the house, but we’re thrilled she’s back. All three of us are pretty zonked, too. In fact, Margot is asleep in the hub’s lap right now, dreaming her puppy dreams.

I need to give a shout out to Mrs. Deer, who helped calm me down while I was on the train home and offered her dog search tips, including the advice to not chase or pursue our pup. Calling and waiting for Margot worked perfectly, thank you!



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