Fire – One Week Later

It’s been a little more than a week since the fire. We’ve been going full tilt and I’m happy to report that we found alternative accommodations on the same road as our house! This is very convenient because we won’t have to have our mail forwarded, we can get to the house easily to oversee repairs, our commute doesn’t change, and Margot still has plenty of outdoors to water and compost. After nearly a week in a hotel, I’m relieved to have a kitchen again.

Over the past week, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Teleworking in a hotel room for two days with a puppy is not so easy or calming;
  2. Insurance adjustors and their merry men do not work on weekends;
  3. There are good wings to be had in West Virginia; and
  4. Neighbors can really help you out when you’re in a pickle.

Seriously on #4. Once a couple of our neighbors heard about the fire, they offered us places to stay and any help we needed. In fact, we found the house we’re in now thanks our neighbor. They only other place nearby wanted $1800/month for an admittedly large house with an impassable driveway.* But Neighbor Q really helped us out and put us in touch with his friend/our neighbor we haven’t met yet to put a roof over our heads.

I’m just realizing that I haven’t explained why we need to rent a house: our entire roof is being replaced. I could pretend to understand structural engineering and try to use words like “joist” and  “truss” to explain why a relatively small fire is resulting in a completely new roof, but let me summarize: Heat and fire in the attic compromised a roof that was not quite up to code in the first place. We’ll also be getting new siding, since our particular shade of mint green in now longer on the market. (I’m shocked. Shocked!) This is great, since we never loved that siding, but it’s a lot to process, at least for me.

So anyhoo, we’re settled and warm. Margot is stretched out by the wood stove in the kitchen dreaming her puppy dreams. Himself and I are on our computers, updating all and sundry with our Fire +9 status. Thanks again to everyone who helped us, especially the Deers, who took us in last weekend. I think we showed up on your doorstep unwashed and little bug-eyed that Friday. Thank you for feeding us and helping us have the most normal weekend possible under the circumstances. Hopefully by this point Mr. Puppysmith-Jones has figured out that Margot was never moving in to permanently annoy him.

*Anyone who has ventured up our unpaved, steep driveway will understand that I do not lightly declare something “impassable.”


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