I realized a while back that I’ve never explained the subtitle of this blog. Well, I’ve talked about the deer. But Grumpasaurae? This is the plural for the species Grumpasaurus (family: Grumpasaurae, species: Grumapsaurus knittica).

Grumpasaurae are cranky-looking, diminutive dinosaurs who like to eat bad moods. Our first one showed up not long after Himself and I began dating, when he was on an international trip for work.

Die peppers!

Did I mention that he likes to get in to mischief and be “helpful”? Yes, the G-man has many attributes.

While I was in Baghdad, I came across another Grumpasaurus, known as G2. He could be a little more adventurous than his American cousin.

Safety first!

At this point, more and more Grumpasaurae made themselves known to me, begging for new homes. They had a tendency to self-identify with their new owners. It’s not like choosing a pet at the pound; a Grumpasaurus chooses you. I’ve seen nearly a dozen over the years, including a pair that showed up right in time for our wedding:

We RECEIVED Grumpasaurae for our wedding!!!

So now it’s kinda my thing. I’ve re-homed several of the little guys, taking care to match their personalities to their new owners.


And a few others who also came to the wedding:

You can see DS-saurus, Pandasaurus, and G2 lurking in the background, Boosaurus and our original up front. In fact, G-man helped us get people to our wedding.

Himself’s sister designed these incredible invites just for us. I nearly wet myself laughing then almost started crying when I saw them. I love these things so much.

The front of our invites

Then of course my sister got in on the action and designed our wedding favors:

Drink up!

And that’s the story. This is where the deer and Grumpasaurae roam.


Pssst, want your very own Grumpasaurus? If you’re Just Crafty Enough, you can find them. Thanks for the inspirational (and free!) pattern Kat!


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